Disruptive Solutions 4.0  

At the Solutions Challenge powered by Rabobank, (start-up) companies with new, innovative solutions have been given the opportunity to present them to the industry. 

The following four solutions were presented:

1. Market or Move by AppsforAgri

2. NoFoodWasted by NoFoodWasted

3. Irradiance Greenhouse by AppsforAgri

4. Clusternet by WhereatIndustries

5. eLEAF by eLEAF


"The fourth industry revolution is changing all businesses including fresh produce. Internet-of-of-things, BIGdata, Sensoring, Robots, Drones, Vision, RFID, etc. are giving great opportunities for a change of the industry for a next generation of fresh produce cultivation and trade. But do we get the highest added value out of the new technology for our supply chain? " 
H. Schmeitz, Program-manager Frug I Com and Vice-Chair of the International Federation for Produce Standards 


Solution 1:

Irrediance Greenhouse App- AppsforAgri

The Greenhouse harvest planner app is able to make a very accurate estimate of the expected harvest per day by calculating the amount of solar irradiation on a greenhouse, combined with the type of crop, the crop's growing phase and temperature.


Solution 2:


This app helps reduce food waste from supermarkets and helps consumers do something against Food Waste.


Solution 3:

Market or Move- AppsforAgri

If prices of greenhouse products such as tomatoes or cucumbers are low in the area where you live, this app can help you calculate the opportunities for your products in other markets.


Solution 4:

Clusternet/the Smart Logistics Platform by WhereAt Industries

The Smart Logistics Platform enables affordable, global, real-rime, end- to-end visibility for every unit of Cargo.


Solution 5:


eLEAF is a Netherlands-based high-tech company that supplies reliable, quantative data on water and vegetation on any land surface to support sustainable water use, increase food production and protect environmental systems. 


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