Programme december first

The programme of december first was split into four blocks. Use the arrows in the programme to navigate through the blocks. 

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Recap programme  

We started the program with Entrepreneur 4.0: Data driven enterprises! by R. Huirne from the Dutch Rabobank. He addressed the significance of data for the company of tomorrow today.  This was followed by a fascinating insight into the development of cultivation technology in Cultivation 4.0: the Next Generation of Growers! by M. Prins from the Dutch company Priva. Another fascinating lecture on technology, Technology 4.0: the Sky is the Limit!, was given by professor S. Sukkarieh from the University of Sydney and the Australian Centre for Field Robotics. 

The focus will then shifted to the pivotal role of information in the fresh produce industry. B. Horsbrugh from the Belgian UNIVEG provided his views on the matter in Quality 4.0: Data-quality. Information also played a crucial role in the retail business. That is why J. Hulleman from the Dutch retailer Jumbo shared his vision on partnership and information in Supplier 4.0: Knowledge partner. This was followed by Value Chain 4.0: Simpel & Fast: an insight into the effects of online shopping on supply management by R. Limmen from the Dutch retailer Albert Heijn.

The final speech was given by L. Zhao赵国璋 , founder of the Chinese company FruitDay. His company has recently announced a 70 million dollar investment in an online fruit & vegetable shop for the China market. In Consumer 4.0: How Online is the China Market?, Zhao shed light on the importance of FruitDay’s integrated chain, professional standards and high quality demands to cater to China’s Consumer 4.0.  

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