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"Roundtables & Workshops with participants from all the different workings groups, projects and companies in sharing what’s happening in those innovation, standardisation and ICT – projects. " 
A) Optimal Fresh Supply
A1 Sharing Product Information!
Update and experiences by sharing product information from grower to retailer.

Data Alignment in practise
N. Röhl - EDEKA

Data Quality in Fresh
R. Prenger - GS1 Netherlands

A2 Product Classification & You..
How do you classify your product in your ERP based on GPC and PLU and getting them the right GTIN.

Future of PLU
J. Proctor - CPMA

Global Product Classification
H. Geelen - Geelen Data Management

A3 Digital Supply Chain
How can you organise your logistics and customs supply chain activities fully digital?

WCO Datamodel
S. Bootsma - Dutch customs & Th. Hesselink - WCO

Standards to boos interoperable cross border trade
F. van Diepen - Netherlands Enterprise Agency

A4 Connected cultivation..
How do we connect the cultivation of the crop to the supply chain?

eLab Messaging
J. den Engelse - Frug I Com/eFoodChain

Import Crop Data
M. de Ruyter - People4Earth

B) Traceable & Sustainable Fresh
B1 Follow the data!
How can you arrange traceability by using standards like EPCIS, GLN and more.

J. Bracken - GS1 Global

Distributed Fresh Data
F. Nieder - European EPC Comp. Center

Use case; Ftrace for Fresh 
M. Steins - Ftrace

B2 Consumer Interaction
How can new technology help us to connect the supply chain, grower/trader to the customer?

Learnings of Veggipedia
E. van Wijk - Wageningen UR

GS1 ES Mobile (Mobile app for consumers)
P. Rosell - GS1 Spain

B3 Identifying Origin
How GLN is more and more the identifier for the origin of Fresh Produce!

Use case; Pears for China!
J. van Triest - Royal Fruitmasters

GLN in Fresh Practise
J. den Engelse - Frug I Com

B4 What do I Need? Labels & Barcode
Update on the development on implementing standards labels around the globe (PTI, Pallet label, etc.)

EU labels
K. Förderer - GS1 Germany

"Kosten besparen in AGF-sector door standaardisatie", E. Treacy - PMA

C) Changes for Fresh
C1 Manage the Category!
Category Management Information in Fresh; how far are we?

Learnings from the shelf
M. Versluis - Van Nature

Connecting Categories
W. van den Berg - Fresh Produce Center

Create value for the consumer
JB Lédé - Czon

C2 Future FRESH Internet
Information on the possibilities the EU-program SMARTAgrimatics and FInish can bring the industry.

More Apps by FInish
C. Verdouw
- Wageningen UR
R. Reiche

C3 What else is possible?
What is the next step in product identification & Tracking and Tracing?

GS1 Databar to help deliver Product ID and Traceability
G. Rowe - GS1 Global

SC Trace 2D matrix at the Farm
T. Solelhac - EY/EU-Program eFoodChain

C4 Information driven healthy eating!
How can information be used to define a healthier recipe for your daily meal?

Recipe Generation
N. Koenderink - Wageningen UR


Program overview - Rountables


9.30-10.00h Information Standards in Fresh Supply & Retail


10.00-11.00h ROUND 1 WORKSHOPS


11.30-12.30h ROUND 2 WORKSHOPS


13.30-14.30h ROUND 3 WORKSHOPS


15.00-16.00h ROUND 4 WORKSHOPS

16.00-16.30h PLENARY CLOSING

Questions & Answers  
During the workshops in the discussion the following questions stand central. Do you help us to give the answers? 

What should be the next priority in standardization for Fresh ?
What must we do to fasten implementation?
How can standards , business & technology innovation strengthen each other?